In 2002 Heitor started to dance forró in Brasilia and after 5 years of training, in 2007, started monitoring the Forro Ispilicute – Brasilia and also to give private lessons.


In 2010 Heitor started studying other rhythms in order to improve his Forro, thus improving the technique, balance, musicality, corporal expression, motor coordenation and more… Then he tought Forró Pé de Serra on the dance Academy “Vem Dançar“ and the “Caribeño” Brasilia.


Moreover Heitor has a project called “Forro pelo Mundo” where he travels around spreading the Forro culture.
Now he is well-known forro teacher in Europe.

Don't miss the opportunity to learn from such an inspired teacher and dance with an incredibly musicalaty and charming partner!


Top! We are happy to introduce next our teacher – Valmir Coelho (Belo-Horizonte) for the first time in Moscow!

He started dancing in 2006, ate the age of 14, at Pé Descalço. In 2011 he won the red collar. After this he began teaching at Pé Descalço.

He has travelled the whole world dancing, presenting and helding many workshops in other countries, like El Salvador, Canada, United States, Italy, France, Russia, Japan, Ireland, Germany, Portugal, Netherlands, England, Sweden.

He also has a video with 53 million views on Youtube, at the Forró de Domingo festival in 2014.

Looking forward to in Moscow!



We are so happy to introduce brilliant couple with perfect feeling of music and dance technique from St. Petersburg! Our friends – Aleksei and Violetta.

Aleksei is one of the first people, who began to dance forro in Russia. He’s been teaching since 2013 in the school Forro ao Vivo, held many workshops in different cities of Russia and Europe. He is founder of the first forro-club in Russia “ForAll” – cozy space where classes, parties and workshops take place, which many know and love. Moreover, Aleksei is musician in forro-band Nao Proibido from St. Petersburg.


Violetta started to dance forro in 2015, and since 2017 she started to assist to Aleksei at his classes both in St. Petersburg and at international festivals and workshops. Violetta studies forro not only as a dance, but also as a music, plays on the triangle and pandeiro.


😍 looking forward to!


Godfather of our festival, our big friend is Rudolfo Batista Da Silva!!!

He’s been to Moscow every winter for 7 years!

Why Rudolfo? Because he is universal teacher, who can dance all styles and raised a huge number of quality dancers and quality teachers. In general it’s classic ^_^

Rudolfo is from Recife, Brasil.

He’ve been dancing forró since teen age. He is founder, head and teacher of school Forró de Colonia (more than one city). Organizer Forró de Colonia Festival and musician – it’s all about Rudolfo.


Let us introduce one more teacher – Nivaldo Venture Jr.

Nivaldo is young and talented teacher from Forró de Colonia which produced by Rudolfo Batista 🤩

Nivaldo used to teach at some festivals in Europe in 2018 and 2019. Moreover he takes part in organizing Forró de Colonia Festival.

He will give a special class of forró roots. You will love it.


Look at that: Felipe will be in Moscow this winter!

😍He promises to make his special class about hugs again and do it some new way!

Our festival is the last stop of his 3-d tour. Felipe had been to Moscow this autumn and it was awesome experience for us. He share really interesting ideas and good energy. We want more!!

Felipe is from Salvador, Bahia (Brazil). He is 28 yes old. He use to dances 13 years and teaches – 11 years. During this years he grew as a dancer and became one of the best forró-teachers.

Mikhail and Anastasia

We’re glad to present a bright couple of Moscow forro teachers you probably know. They will give a special class at our festival:
Mikhail Orekhov and Anastasia Kim, Forró United School.

Mikhail is the founder and the head of the Forró United school in Moscow, talented and experienced teacher, who thoroughly organizes his lessons and pays attention not only to the study of elements, but also to the correct sensation of the body in forro.

Mikhail has held many workshops in Russia, taught in Europe (Germany, Spain, Switzerland, England, Belarus) and in Brazil (festival in Rio de Janeiro)
He continues to improve himself as a dancer. Every year Mikhail goes to Brazil to develop further his skills at Pé Descalço with his senior students.

Anastasia is an experienced dancer, a bright forrozeira and a Mikhail’s partner.
She has 8 years experience in Afro-Brazilian dances. In 2012, she began performing in a Brazilian show in Moscow and knows well how to attract all eyes Besides, she teaches Afro-Brazilian dances and capoeira

😍Anna Pak😍

She makes any festival much more festivaling, because she inspires and charms everyone - that’s Anna Pak!

Anna is very experienced dance teacher. She can dance anything and does it brilliantly

The first and the only non-native Brazilian girl to pass highest level exam – Vermelha (red) in Pé Descalço forro school. The beauty and the pride of Russian forro

Let’s get some zen on Winter Forro Festival together!

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