Amazing musician and singer Fabio Carneirinho will play for you at the festival! Fabio has been to Moscow 4 years ago, and we fell in love with his deep voice and soulful music.
Fábio Carneirinho is currently considered as one of the greatest revelations of the northeastern music. He composes music pearls about his roots and love.

Fábio has already done 3 tours to Europe and released 4 CDs albums.


This winter a bright northeastern forro musician, singer and composer will play for you - Cainã Araújo.

He began playing accordion at the age of nine and started to play professionally at 14. In 2015 he started his solo career and released “Coração Matuto” album in 2018. In Europe he has played at almost all significant festivals in Europe.

Viva o forró, meu povo!

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